Doom And Gloom Is For Losers (Cheer Up And Vote My Friends)

I know he has been depressing lately, but on Thursday Rove said we always poll really bad on this particular weekend. The fact is, no one knows what the deal is this year. You have several things in play that have never happened before.

1 A 50/50 split in the democratic primaries that left possibly 6 million people enraged. (PUMAS)

2 You have a half black man.

3 You have a pro life woman on the republican side.

4 People are really not happy with the country right now.

Which one is the overriding factor?

I have wandered over to the PUMA site and they are the real deal. Highly motivated and just as active in phone banking and door to door as we are. Anyone who doubts that they will have an effect that cannot be polled is fooling themselves.

I also think Obama being black is going to have some effect. How can you gauge someones deepest darkest secret in a poll? My guess is you can’t.

Is Palin a drag on the ticket? Yes, if you are trying to win liberals. Fortunately for us, we have no use for them. So what does Gov. Palin bring to the ticket? In my opinion she brings a ravenous group of people who helped get W elected. A group that is silent, highly motivated, and a sure vote. The major difference with her is that she is a woman. Anecdotal as it may be, the women at my church are more energized for that simple reason than they were for W. Bush is of course pro-life, but I think a women who has actually had to make that choice adds a new element. My sisters both registered to vote this year after sitting out their first chance in 04 because of Sarah.

The last one is that the country is obviously not happy. The question is whether they will place that blame solely on McCain and elect an ultra lib. The fact is people hate congress even more than Bush. Are we as a country willing to put an untra lib in there with the most hated group of people in the US?

No one really knows what is going on for these 4 reasons. The polls are all weighted heavily democrat by upwards of 10% and I cannot for the life of me imagine the country turning that sharply in 4 years.

All you can do is call people tomorrow and vote on Tuesday. If you know someone who is sitting around not worried about voting then tell them you will buy them lunch and drive them to the polls. Do whatever it takes to get people you have influence over to the polls. I have 3 uncles who are what you would classify as bums. I called them for the first time in years and talked to them about the election. They told me they saw Huckabee on TV and thought he was “cool” because he played guitar. Like I said earlier, these guys are wacky. Anyways, I asked them if they would go with me to vote for McCain because Huckabee was now supporting McCain. After a bit of child like negotiations (I had to promise them cigarettes and a ride no joke) I picked up 3 votes for McCain. I also rounded up two more votes by having my wife who speaks spanish, talk to our legal immigrant Mexican neighbors.

It is all a matter of doing what you can do to make it happen, no matter how small. If the extent of your contribution is posting here then you get what you deserve. Do something I beg of you!!!!!!!