The Oracle Is Always Right

The other day on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough mentioned that Warren Buffet had met Sarah Palin. According to Joe, Warren thought Gov. Palin was very smart, driven, and a quick study. I searched and searched to try and find the exact quote, but to no avail. The only thing I could find was this video of Warren after Sarah was elected Governor of Alaska.

Other than that brief mention on Scarborough’s show I have’nt heard a word about Buffet’s high praise for the Governor. I guess that is to be expected since Buffet is an Obama supporter, and ringing endorsments only matter if they are directed at “The One”.

Every person who has met this woman has had nothing but great things to say about her. Even Alec Bladwin who is not only an ultra lib, but also mentally deranged, had kind words for the Governor. William Kristol and Fred Barnes who could be considered part of the right wing media elite, have said on every interview they have been in that Gov. Palin is amazing. Another liberal who had great things to say was Lorne Michaels. He used words like powerful, underestimated, and that people connect to her, to describe Sarah.

Let’s face the facts. By any account, from any source not on network news or MSNBC, Sarah Palin is made of awesome. All the snobby hand wringers who have dismissed this woman as a drag on the ticket need to wake up to the reality around them. Sarah was dropped into an impossible situation by the McCain campaign, and has come out of it more powerful than ever. My warning to the Noonan’s, Parker’s, and Brooks of the world is this….keep underestimating “Our One” and you might not be invited to our beer and BBQ party when she is elected POTUS!

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