Bill Clinton Is Awesome

Out of sheer curousity I watched the View today. I wanted to see what Mr. Clinton had to say about the financial mess and how it will affect the election. I also wanted to see if his recent history held true and he would completely leave Obama out of the conversation. Well he didn’t disappoint!

Sticking to his pattern of mentioning how Hillary had the right idea and leaving it at that. The former prez didn’t even mention Obama until the View ladies asked him flat out who is going to win. After an uncomfortable pause Clinton sheepishly answered Obama. Then went on to explain why McCain is a great guy and he really respects him. The audience of course got all Chris Matthews tingly when he said Obama, but that was it. No mention of how Obama will do this or that. No comparison between the agenda of the two candidates. NOTHING!

Now you would think that as popular as Clinton was as president, he would be considered Obamas most powerful surrogate. That thinking would obviously be wrong. The obviousness of Clinton in interviews where he drops such supportive gems as, “the constitution makes Obama qualified to be president”, are simply brilliant. And by brilliant I mean he is supporting Obama as much as McCain is. Call me crazy but I am a convert and now think President Clinton is awesome.

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