The Far Left

I just got done watching Larry King and he had Arianna Huffington on. Well I didn't actually watch it all, because I couldn't take anymore. As I watched this woman spout her liberal filth I was bewildered. There before me sat a woman with a thick foreign accent voicing her opinion on what our country should be. You know the views...leave Iraq now, leave Iraq now, and leave Iraq now. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I already viewed this woman as a money hungry whore. Who would flip and flop and slop around any which way to get what she want's. First she was a conservative for smaller government, anti-welfare. Then she was a liberal while she was shacking up with Jerry Brown. Then she was a conservative again when she married a bi-sexual millionaire. She has also tried her hand at writing where she was charged with plagiarism. Acting where she was a flop. And ran for Governor where she lost badly. So I think it's fair to say this woman is a failure at pretty much everything, until she find's the next thing. And it's hard to know if she truly believes what she say's.

Even with all that baggage that she carries around. The thing that really ticks me off about this woman is that she’s not American. Hear me out please.

It seems to me that this country has alot of people here who like to talk down or about the way we do thing's. There are many to list but for this I want to focus on George Soros and Arianna Huffington. Both of these liberal fanatics run major operations of liberal propaganda. Both of these people became wealthy in America. And both of these people think they know what is wrong with this country. What these people do not have is American experience which to my estimation makes them totally unqualified to speak on what our country should do. The American experience is what make's us who we are. Why we are the greatest nation in history. We have seen and been thru things that these foreigners could never understand. These thing's are ingrained in us and have shaped us over the generation's. Our father's and grandfather's built this place by hand. They went to war to make sure we could live the way we do. To fight for a place where a Greek woman, and a Hungarian man could become millionaires. And yes....even a place where they can spout off about gun control, legalized drug's, and even Godlessness. You would think that these people would find comfort and solice in a place like the U.S. Especially Soros who was a prisoner of war during WW1. To escape from that and find a place of endless freedom and opportunity would be what most crave. Yet these two don't. They take all of the advantages of this country. Then turn around and spew hatred for all that it stands for. The thing's that it was built on mean nothing to these people. They are black widow's who use something for what they need, and then kill it. They denounce our military service people in ads saying General Betray Us. They invest money in groups that infringe on our second amendment right. They have all the answers to our problem's. Even though they have never experienced any of them. You see it everyday with people like this. And the scary thing is you see it with the democratic candidate. A man these people would like nothing more than to see as President. It scare's me to death to think of this country being ran by someone who is exhaulted by this group of people. People who would turn our constitution into a a wortless piece of paper. People who think in European way's because they have already taken everything they can from this country, and now want to kill it. Is it possible that the claws of this beast have taken ahold of a man who could be the next president? A man who believes that guns should be illegal, and American's will have to learn to have a little bit less of there own pie. Are these the idea's that came from the founding father's? Or are these the idea's of someone who think's they know what's best for our country like Arianna and George?