9/11 From The Leftist View

Just thought I would share with you this piece of filth I found. I have been looking around at different site’s to see the feel of the country today. I never dreamed I would see such a reprehensible opinion on a day like today. This make’s it clear as day that the enemy of this country is actually the far left lunatic’s who occupy the Kos. The lunacy of this diary is so far out there that it may cause anger, so be forewarned.


The thing that stood out the most, is that all the event’s this diarist cites, happened with a Democrat in office. I dont really have a point for this diary entry. I just wanted to let other’s see what we are up against. Does Obama feel this way? I dont know for sure if he does, but alot of the thing’s written here, I have heard him say.

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