Stop the Senate's Nonsense Senators Warner & Webb

Dear Senators Warner and Webb,
Virginians and the American people have spoken loudly and clearly … will you listen?
Starting with the landslide election of Governor McDonnell over a year ago, to last month’s Congressional elections, Virginians have sent a clear message to Washington, “We oppose the direction President Obama and his administration is taking our country.” Elections results since last year (Governor Christie, Senator Brown and last month’s election) and poll after poll verify this message. Will you listen?
Last November’s election resulted in 73% (eight of eleven) of the Commonwealth’s Congressional Districts being held by Republicans; three incumbent Democrats lost their seats. Take a look at the three retained by your party: VA-3 (Scott) is a majority-minority district, VA-8 (Moran) is largely an urban district and VA-11 (Connelly) was retained by an incumbent with less than 50% of the vote. Will you listen?
Much of your Congressional session’s time was spent on passing healthcare reform. A law which was and is unpopular, now showing itself to be unworkable and costly, and finally one which your own state’s Attorney General has proven to a Federal judge to be unconstitutional. And at the same time kick the “Doc Fix” can down the road; responsible reform would have addressed this issue.  Will you govern with the consent of the governed?
Now, in a lame duck session, following your party’s election shellacking, you debate Food Safety, START, the DREAM Act, and DADT, yet you have not finished the Fiscal Year 2011 budget and appropriations (zero for twelve appropriation bills) for a fiscal year that started on 1 October — two and half months ago. Now, in mid-December you debate tax policy, a tax policy that everyone new would be expiring on January 1st, 2011 for the past ten years. Now you debate an earmark and pork-laden omnibus bill that will add even more to the $3 trillion dollar deficit your Congress has accumulated; even as unemployment continues to increase towards 10% — all at the same time you claim “jobs are your number one priority.” 
I have no doubt Senator Webb would not have tolerated this kind of performance in his military officers, nor do I doubt Senator Warner would have tolerated this poor execution in his business.  In my opinion, you have failed at doing your job in passing the basic necessary legislation for keeping the government operating, and you have failed in your duty in representing the Commonwealth and its citizens. 
I suggest you act like the moderates you profess to be, and lead by building a coalition of other “Red State” (NE, FL, LA, AR, ND, SD, MT, etc.) Democrats and shut down the incompetent leadership of Senator Reid, take care of the business  you should have done months ago (appropriations and taxes), and go home to truly listen to the people you were elected to represent.
The remaining question is whether you will indeed listen and represent the Commonwealth and its citizens or, if you will continue to put party loyalty over your duty as an elected representative.