Challenge to the Republican Party and its Senate Caucus: This is Your Moment

Time for our Senators to “Man Up” and kill the health care reform bill

Republican Senators:

Sixty-five years ago this month, against all odds a group of determined Americans held out against an onslaught of an army of tyranny and changed history. This is your moment in history.

In December of 1944, the German Army mounted a huge counter-offensive to capture the port of Antwerp, Belgium; this was to become known as the Battle of the Bulge. In defense of this counter-offensive, brave soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division were given the mission of holding the key crossroads at the Belgian city of Bastogne.

This heroic “band of brothers” fought with everything in them. They were light infantry against armor. They did not have winter uniforms. They ran short of ammunition and food. Due to the weather, the Air Force could not help them. Cooks, typists, engineers all fought. Yet outnumbered, outgunned and cutoff, they sustained the fight, they endured, they persevered, and they held that crossroads until relief came. Because of their great courage, they proudly earned the title of the “battered bastards of Bastogne”.

The current health care reform bill is a legislative assault of tyranny on our great country and must be defeated by you.

Just as the 101st had to fight in the fog, cold, and snow, so too shall you have to fight in the midst of an antagonistic Washington Press Corps and Mainstream Media, that will provide you with no rest or cover. You too must overcome in your environment.

Just as the Third Army, led by General Patton, brought much needed relief to the 101st and helped save the day, so too shall the American people bring relief to you on November 2nd, 2010 – just look at the polls, the Tea Party movement, and remember what they did in the elections in Virginia and New Jersey. But you must fight and persist until then – you must hold this crossroads.

This bill is not a piece of rawhide that can be tooled into fine leather; rather it is a steaming, stinking pile of warm manure. It cannot be improved with any number of amendments – there is just too much wrong with it. Its individual mandates, higher taxes, higher deficits, and bigger government are all counter to Republican, really American, core principles. You must fight this bill with all your might, grit, and cunning and use every delay tactic, parliamentary procedure, legislative maneuver, and only offer amendments that serve to divide the Democrat Caucus and delay the bill’s progress.

I can only hope and pray that you are willing to fight for and earn the moniker of the “battered bastards of the 111th Congress” for holding this crossroads. This crossroads in American history is between liberty and tyranny, free-markets and socialism, the individual and the government. This is a decisive battle and if the Republican Party is truly interested in regaining the faith, trust, and confidence of the American people, then you must make your stand now and fight.

May God bless you and the United States of America.