OWS and 9-11 - interesting perspective

A good friend of mine who lost MANY friends on 9-11 emailed the following to me earlier today:

“I don’t know why I do it but I just can’t help myself. I walked through Zucotti Park last night around 7pm just to see what this filth was up to. When I saw an old man with a sign that read “America is a Terrorist Nation” I asked him to explain himself but he became so enraged with me that the police stepped in. He had no answers for me and was screaming nonsense at me as I walked away. There is a new addition to the park, a big screen is set up now with words on it telling the crowd what to chant. They can’t even think for themselves anymore. That brought me to the lower part of the park that was caddy corner from what used to be the entrance of what was formerly known as Liberty Park (now Zucotti park) where there was the sound of non stop drum beating which I’m sure the residents in the area with children love to hear. Anyway I came across the famous statue of the man sitting with his breif case opened that I passed everyday for almost 22 years before this scum planted themselves in this newly renovated park. I’ve been up there once or twice a week observing since this nonsense began but finally noticed the sight of this statue desecrated with food and garbage and a silly Santa hat on it really was insulting. These people have no regard for anyone or anything. As I looked at the statue with the WTC in the background yards away, I thought of the image of that statue covered in dust the days after the murders of Sept 11th . The statue to many was a sign of resilience and a rallying cry to rebuild and recover after the attacks. It now sat there in a pile of garbage surronded by vermin that have no concept as to what it meant to so many people. After taking the Santa hat off and throwing it out and wiping him off, three twenty somethings watched me and asked me what it was and why it was there. After telling them one of them said (for some reason believing I was part of this Slopfest) “he belongs to the 99% now”. I said ‘not a chance, he has character and has seen too much to ever be a part of this mess. I think he feels sorry for you” and I walked away.  I walked down Chruch St on the way to the PATH enraged that this sort of nonsense is taking place pretty much on the grounds of the worst attack and mass murder on our country in history. I looked up at the towers and thought of all my friends and co-workers that were murdered and what they would think of these losers. It made me s think when will people start standing up and challenge these clowns. Why just two short years ago were the Tea Party and people so vocal but now seem to be retreating while this counter culture gets the attention and picks up steam. Why is there no counter demonstartion? How weak is Bloomberg, Giuliani would have never ever put up with this. I’m sure I’ll be back there this week. Why, I don’t know. Jay”