Closed Minded Leftists at UNC

Former congressman Tom Tancredo attmepted to delvier a talk about illegal immigration last night at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  The congressman didn’t get the chance to speak however because a group of radical close minded leftists prevented it by using violence.  Some may say that the shattering of a window is not violence.  To those I ask well then, what is it.    The placards used by the protestors included language “there is no debate”.  In the end, Tancredo was forced to leave the university without speaking.

I telphoned the University this morning and attempted to reach the President’s office.  I got diverted first to the Athletic department – perhaps UNC has its priorities mixed up – I am afraid most universities can be included with UNC on that front – and after a few other mis-routes, I spoke with someone “who just sits at a desk” who happened to be quite friendly.   I was advised that the University is investigating the matter.  I asked whether there would be any arrests or other ramifications to the closed minded leftists but the desk sitter had no further information.  Stay tuned.