Many people who are fed up with the both the amount of money that the federal government spends on boondoggles and the manner in which that money otherwise is spent plan to voice their displeasure at “tea parties” tomorrow.    Because tomorrow is “tax day”, what better day to voice discontent over the government’s intrusion into our monetary well being?


As best I can tell, there is no certainty as to how the phrase “Tea Party” was coined.  Some say that the name is a simple extension of the concept of the Boston Tea Party, while others contend that T.E.A is an acronym for exactly what I don’t remember at this point.  But that’s not the point.


Call me old fashioned, but until Sunday, I did not know there was such a thing as the Urban Dictionary.  Now I know that the urban dictionary exists and that it includes many definitions of “teabagging” We all know now what the term “teabagging” means to those who use the Urban Dictionary as their Webster. 


Shuster and other close minded (closed minded?  How about “simpleton”?) left wing zealots have decided to equate tea parties with “teabagging”.  My first thought when I read the transcript of Shuster’s television appearance the other night was that it wasn’t even clever.  Kind of like Saturday Night Live for the past ten years or so.  Next I wondered what in the world Shuster was trying to prove.  Was he simply again being a good soldier of the White House by taking orders from Rahm Emanuel as to the daily talking points.  This was a logical conclusion because we know that there are no independent thinkers in the media on the left. (We know too that some of them are incapable of thinking at all. If anyone who reads this knows of a way to dig into the annals of Jeopardy, please pull out the show where Andrea Mitchell and Ollie North participated.  While Ollie did not come across as Einstein, Andrea’s performance made Congresswoman Corrine Brown look like a University of Florida public speaking masters recipient.  Brown did?  From the University of Florida?   Well then, let’s just say that Andrea didn’t fare very well. 


But I digress  Perhaps Shuster was thinking of Rahm in one of his tutu’s and couldn’t get teabagging out of his mind.  Perhaps he and Rahm….


Why would Shuster make a play on words so that an event that has nothing to do with sex or sexuality?  Why would he go to such great lengths to make such stupid remarks?  What was the point?  Could Shuster be that childish that he just rambled without any point?  Will he try the same thing with POTUS and coitus?  Perhaps Shuster is insecure in his own homosexuality. Is he a homosexual?  I don’t know much about him.   


 PS  Rachel Maddow also seemed to get very excited about the “teabagging “phrase.  That really left me puzzled.