Let Them Eat Cake

Just read the post that contends Rahm Emaneul does not pay real estate taxes on his residence because the property is used for a charitable trust. Even if the property does qualify, shouldn’t Rahm be asked why he feels he shouldn’t pay taxes. I’ll bet his explanaiton is akin to “Let Them Eat Cake” Afterall, its patriotic. Would love to see further information on this.

I spoke to many people pre election who said they wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more in taxes if it helped the country. They seemed to have drunk the Biden “patriotic to pay taxes” Kool-Aid. Many of them have estate planning tools to save taxes on death. Hypocritical? I’ll say. I wonder if Biden has estate planning in place. Estate planning is unpatriotic. In my view, anyone who voted for Obama who has any kind of estate planning in place is the purest form of a hypocrite. Do Kennedys have tax savings trusts? Of course. Windfarms are for the non-elite according to Teddy; Limo liberals motto: preserve your wealth, take theirs.

Change is coming. You’re not going to like it.