Oprah Doesn't Get It

Orpah Winfrey has declared that for the first time since 9-11 the country is united. Her conclusion proves what we all know. Conservatives and Republicans are open-minded, optimistic and respectful of the American way. The country is united because we lost and those who have refused to try to unite over the past seven years have won. Turn the tables and we were prepared for riots, protests, allegations of cheating and four more years of “America bashing” from within. Of course the rest of the world would have continued to loathe us because our own people would have continued to loathe us publicly – at home and, unconscionably, on foreign soil. The rest of the world will love us again for awhile because those of us on the right will swallow hard, put country first and hope for peace and prosperity without giving our foreign enemies fodder for criticsm.

Joe Scarborough eloquently made our point this morning on MSNBC. Watch the video and then compare his comments to Oprah’s. We know we are right. We must accept the outcome of this election. Be proud, have class. The left may not appreciate our ability to honor our system, but we will be true to ourselves and our country.

Greg Mascera