Bag The Rallies

Not sure if political rallies are serving our ticket right now. There is little media coverage, and the appeal is to those who are already committed.

The college football schedule should be used to our advantage.

If I were running Senator McCain’s campaign, I would be sure that he be in Gainsville for the start of the Florida football game, and then in Tallahassee for the beginning of the Florida State – Virginia Tech game three hours later at 3:30. Combined there will be approximately 200,000 people there. Meet and greet before kickoff, then out of there to the next game.

Michigan plays at Michigan state in mid-afternoon. Any better place for Governor Palin to be?

Colorado plays at Missouri at 6:30. Governor Palin and Senator McCain should be there on each side of the stadium. Say hello before kickoff, then get to Colubus Ohio for the Penn State Ohio State game. If they can’t be there for the beginning, make sure they are there at the end.

Most people who go to the college games are the “average Joes” like you and me. All of the swing states will be covered.

Am I dreaming?