Dear Senator McCain

Dear Senator McCain:

We know that the MSM will not ask Senator Obama any meaningful, substantive questions. You sir, respectfully, must therefore use tomorrow night’s debate to ask Mr. Obama the questions. As is good debate practice, you msut pre-empt his answers by anticipating what Mr. Obama might say, and by stating why such an answer is not acceptable.

The American people are fed up with government in general. Indeed, the financial crisis (which is not an economic crisis) has put most of us over the proverbial top. We know that Mr. Obama wants government to play an even more intrusive role in our lives. Mr. Obama’s plan for an overreaching govennment must be exposed.

You should turn the debate into a debate, not a glorified press conference. Take Mr. Obama off of his prepared script.

Questions should be addressed directly to Mr. Obama. You should tell him that the American people have not been afforded the opportunity to hear directly, in laymen’s terms, exactly what his plans are for our country.

Question One: Do you beleive that the approximately forty five percent of Americans who do not pay any income taxes should recieve direct payments from the government as called for in your plan? If so, how can you call this a tax cut? Isn’t it a handout and a “share the wealth” program where you are taking from hard working Americans and giving to those who in many cases are not working and in many cases are choosing not to work? Do you really believe that the low wage earners in America want your handout?

Americans are proud people. Americans don’t want handouts. Americans don’t resent the upper class. Most Americans respect the upper class and admire their achievements and want to be in the upper class. That’s the American way. Does anyone begrudge Bill Gates? No. He made it on his own. That’s what America is about. Americans do regret being held back, being told that their rise to the top is being held back by those who want to live off of others blood sweat and tears. You speak of economic injustice and that you are going to cure economic injustice. You have not told us what your defintition of economic injustice is, and your plan to solve the problem. And please don’t talk about jobs. Unemployement has remained at historic lows over the last ten years. Opportunity is knocking for all Americans. Americans need to open the door and walk through, without government interference, without government social programming. Look what the Fannie and Freddie social programming resulted in. Please Mr. Obama, don’t tell me that we need more government intervention.

Question Two: I have never heard anyone ask about your plan for education. I do know that in Chicago you fought for a radical reform of the educational system. I have tried to look more closely into your teachings but have not been able to find any content. What do you mean by radical reform? Is’t Bill Ayers responsible for that school of thought? What is wrong with our educational system today, in your mind? Don’t you think we are failing because we have stopped teaching the basics to our children and instead have wandered off on a path of silliness. What do you think of teaching reading, wrting and arithmetic, and how about throwing some history in there too, so when people talk about genocide and the Holocaust, they remember that the United State fought World War II to stop the Holocaust? A point you seemed to forget during our last debate.

Please don’t talk about spending more money on education. The solution to every problem is not to throw more money at it. Its about, not radicallizing our educational system so that pupils learn to shoot their parents, which is what I believe Mr. Ayers taught, it is about teaching kids to read and to write, to understand Mathmatics and history and science. Teaching is not an experiment.