Stealing Lawn Signs

Saw my McCain-Palin lawn sign get stolen last night. Thieves didn’t know that I live on a circle. Waited for them to complete the loop (took them longer than usual because they stopped to lift more signs). Got their plate number, called the local police and the thieves were apprehended. A short time later one of the culprits, an 18 year old, returned my sign and apologized for taking the sign. He said they didn’t mean anything by it, were just out having fun. I asked him why he didn’t take my two neighbors’ Obama signs and he said because of “Sally Palin, uh Sarah Palin” After he acknowledged that he knew very little about Governor Palin he asked for forgiveness. I told him he was asking the wrong guy based on the latest Acorn information and that elections were not something to mess with. I told the police to press charges for theft and for trespass.

Question for Red State readers: Should I pursue it?