Our Own Grass Roots

Let’s face it, we are getting out maneuvered by the left. To follow up on Martin Knight’s idea, I beleive that we, the people, need to write letters to the editors of our local newspapers. I know this seems obvious, but the campaign, or one of our Red State leaders, should compose a few very simple letters and post those letter with instructions to send them to our local editor. Our simple job will be to forward the letters to those newspapers under our signatures. “Local” means our weekly municipal paper that most everyone reads. Each letter should be simple and should contain only one point. The letters should be aimed, not at those like us who spend a large portion of the day on the [catastrophic]consequences to our country of an Obama win, but to those who get their news from the MSM. We need to relay our own talking points so that the point is conveyed simply and concisely. An example:


Willaim Ayers is a known terrorist who tried to blow up the Capitol and the Pentagon. This is undisputed. Barack Obama’s political career was launched in Chicago. William Ayers hosted one of the early get to know Obama “coffees” in Ayers’ house. I cannot think of any reason why Obama ever would have wanted to go to Ayers’ house but it doesn’t matter to me. I cannot vote for someone for President of the United States of America who would go to a terrorist’s home to enjoy that person’s hospitality. #####