Conservative media outlet praises Trump's attack on the Constitution

Last week during an open-press event at the White House, CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins asked a series of questions pertinent to the news stories of the day, but since the questions dealt with his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and Vladimir Putin, Trump wasn’t interested in answering. Eventually, after she persisted in asking questions that former Trump Pravda (FOX News) CEO and current White House communications chief Bill Shine called “inappropriate,” Collins was banned from the premises.

This is just the latest example of Trump’s hatred of the First Amendment whenever a media outlet — he calls them the enemy of the American people — dares to report something “negative” about him, which is how he defines “Fake News.”

While CNN obviously defended Collins, the president of Trump Pravda along with some of his employees expressed their support of CNN and the reporter, including Bret Baier, who tweeted that “FOX News stands firmly with CNN on this issue and the issue of access.”

However, there were members of the so-called conservative media who not only condoned Trump’s actions but praised them, as we witnessed from CRTV’s White House correspondent Jon Miller in a Facebook video where he stated, “Unlike everyone else out there, my response is how come it has taken this long for the White House to get CNN in line?”



I guess I missed the part in the Bill of Rights where it says that it’s the President’s job to get the press “in line” when I learned about the Constitution.

While conservative values such as a strict adherence to the Constitution have been on the ropes for years, the rise of Donald Trump has exposed so-called conservatives within the GOP as compromising cowards, willing, as former conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes recently opined, to concede their core values to become slaves to political power. In the age of Trump, even the definition of conservative has changed.

But the rise of Trump has also exposed so-called conservatives in the media. As I wrote in a piece back in March, voices like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and others have willingly abandoned conservatism for a seat on the Trump Train, believing that they can trade their principles for popularity without consequences.

In reality, such compromises always have consequences. One day a Democrat who doesn’t have a “R” after his name will replace the life-long Democrat currently occupying the White House. When that president begins banning these pro-Trump voices because they aren’t reporting favorably on a Democrat administration, the consequences will be real and spectacular.

Because in the end, if one loses their First Amendment rights, we all lose our First Amendment rights.

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