Trump vs. Jeff Bezos and Amazon: It’s not business, it’s personal

Over the weekend, Donald Trump launched another round of attacks against e-commerce provider Amazon.com—something he’s been doing since the GOP primaries—and it reminded me of a quote from The Godfather.

In a scene where the “family” is considering how to retaliate against a rival gang and a corrupt cop following their attempt to assassinate Don Vito Corleone, Michael Corleone volunteers to kill their enemies. Despite his reluctance to get involved in the family business, and after his brother Sonny questions his motivations, Michael assures him:

Unlike Michael Corleone, however, when Donald Trump goes after his enemies, it’s always personal.

Amazon has been on Trump’s enemies list because CEO Jeff Bezos is also the owner of one of Trump’s so-called fake news sites, the Washington Post. During the campaign, Trump accused “the owners of Amazon” of using the Post as a political tool to lobby politicians to go easy on the internet giant. The accusation followed a decision by the Trump campaign to revoke the press credentials of the Washington Post after some unfavorable coverage. With credentials revoked, the paper was prohibited from covering Trump’s campaign.

In reality, losses by the USPS have to do with declines in mail delivery services along with excessive pension and insurance costs. And as far as taxes go, Amazon collects them in those states where it’s required. For the record, Amazon’s parcel delivery agreement has been profitable for the USPS.

One more thing. More than likely, Trump is throwing taxes into the mix as another way to advance his plans for an internet sales tax.

Ironically, Trump’s accusation that Bezos is using the Washington Post to benefit Amazon is much like the Emoluments Clause law suit Trump is facing. A federal judge recently ruled that the suit filed by the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia accusing Trump of using the presidency to personally and financially benefit from official business being done at this Washington DC hotel can go forward.

Where the Emoluments Clause law suit will end up is anyone’s guess, but based on Trump’s track record everybody involved in the case should be on the lookout because in Donald Trump’s version of The Godfather, it’s not business, it’s personal.

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