LGBT culture war sees transgenders make major advances in 2017

I’m often criticized by pro-LGBT radicals for referring to their assault on morality and traditional values as a culture war, even though there are organizations within the movement that refer to their agenda using the same words.

Introducing: The Edinburgh Chapter of Action for Trans Health (ATH), a group that openly advocates using “radical violence,” the destruction of capitalism, open borders, and disarming government and the military.

Recently, Edinburgh ATH released the Trans Health Manifesto, a document that states how the organization seeks to end “capitalist healthcare” and declares: “This is war, and we will win it.”

With 2017 being called “the year that transgender madness took over” in Europe, ATH now enjoys unprecedented influence on matters of policy in the UK’s government-run healthcare system–National Health Services (NHS)–and it has played a central role in the government’s attempt to deal with gender recognition reform.

Some of the demands listed in the manifesto include:

  • The immediate release and pardon of all transsexual prisoners
  • Free and unlimited over-the-counter access to hormones and hormone blockers AT ANY AGE
  • The abolishment of birth certificates because they are seen as an “act of violence against trans people
  • See the complete manifesto here

Though not a part of the manifesto, Edinburgh ATH also endorses the murder of law enforcement, an idea originally advanced by the parent organization.

You might be asking yourself why we should be concerned with the LGBT’s war on culture in other parts of the world. My answer is simply this: Because it’s happening in America too!

During the Obama administration, Barry accomplished so much to advance the agenda of LGBT extremists that he was actually declared to be America’s First Gay President. Even though Obama is no longer in office, Trump and the GOP establishment have done little to reverse the most damaging pro-LGBT policies–policies that are still impacting America in ways that organizations like ATH would wholeheartedly support.

It was President Obama who repealed Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, a decision that laid the groundwork for overturning the ban on of openly transgendered troops–an issue currently being fought in the courts–and to have their “condition” treated at taxpayer expense, including so-called gender reassignment surgery.

Additionally, we have groups in America who support using violence to silence so-called hate speech, the destruction of capitalism, open borders, and repealing the Second Amendment.

As the man whose name is attached to the Affordable Care Act, Obama also took steps during his presidency to have “transgender health” issues covered by Obamacare, including gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatments.

As we prepare to enter 2018, we need to realize that the culture war is real, and that LGBT “armies” are making huge advances toward their goal of destroying morality and traditional values, particularly in areas where Christianity is involved.

In every war there are two sides. Which side are you on? Will you stand and fight or will you passively do nothing under the mistaken belief that their war doesn’t involve you?

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


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