PINO and RINOs promote TRINO: Tax reform in-name-only

I want you to picture Trump and the GOP as a ship sailing in stormy seas. Now picture the campaign promises they made to get elected as the rudder of the ship. As long as those in command maintain the rudder, the ship can navigate the troubled seas. But neglect the rudder and the ship will list aimlessly as it drifts in whatever direction the storm may take it.

Alas, the lying liars commanding the ship have neglected the rudder. In fact, they’ve destroyed it completely under the mistaken belief that they can steer the ship without a rudder. As a result, the ship known as the SS GOP (Gang of Phonies), loaded with the hopes and dreams of the American people, is about to capsize.

This analogy is a perfect picture of the state of affairs with Trump and the GOP establishment since the 2016 election, and it continues to get worse with every new attempt they make to hide their long list of lies and broken promises. One of the GOP’s favorites ways to hide a lie can be seen in their many ‘in-name-only” legislative efforts.

  • Republicans replaced the Affordable Care Act with the American Health Care Act. However, this Ryancare/Trumpcare bill kept most of Obamacare in effect. It was a Repeal-In-Name-Only.
  • Trump issued an executive order rescinding DACA, but then he teamed up with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to work on an amnesty program for DREAMers along with a threat to reinstate DACA after six months. Trump’s executive order was Rescind-In-Name-Only.
  • When Trump announced in June that the US was withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, he also stated that he would begin negotiations to re-enter it—a promise that could be closer than we realize following a release of a new report by the administration stating that global warming is real and manmade. Trump’s announcement was Withdrawal-In-Name-Only.

The latest in-name-only scheme is in the area of tax reform. While the details continue to trickle in, the bill that Trump claims will provide the biggest tax cuts ever is proving to be nothing of the sort.

Apparently not content with their bucket-list of broken tax reform promises, the GOP worked over the weekend—no really, they did—taking the bad bill and making it worse. Under the “leadership” of Rep. Kevin Brady—the guy who tried to get rid of the tax benefits of participating in a 401(k) plan—changes were made to how inflation adjustments will be calculated in the future. If passed, future income will be taxed at rates higher than they were in the original bill.

The White House is occupied by a President-In-Name-Only (PINO), and he is partners with a GOP filled with Republicans-In-Name-Only (RINO) who pretend to keep their promises in-name-only. So, it’s only fitting that they are now pushing Tax-Reform-In-Name-Only (TRINO).

To continue with our nautical metaphor, the SS GOP continues its aimless journey through the dark and stormy seas of America’s future, and like any ship in this condition, it will likely end in disaster. And that disaster lies on the horizon as it approaches the rocky shores of the 2018 elections.

Originally posted on The Strident Conservative.


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