Will Trump ever stop trying to destroy the Constitution?

A few days ago, I wrote a piece about the threat leveled by Donald Trump against our Constitutional rights, specifically, the First Amendment. Following an unfavorable news story by NBC News about Rex Tillerson calling Trump a “moron,” the Narcissist-in-Chief threatened NBC with a Senate investigation for spreading so-called “Fake News,” which in Donald Trump’s world is simply news he doesn’t like because it fails to satisfy his egomaniacal need to be praised.

In that piece, I documented Trump’s long track record of attacking a free press, beginning with threats during the campaign to expand libel laws in order to make it easier to sue the news media for spreading “negative and horrible and false articles.” I also documented how Trump has repeated the lawsuit threat since becoming president, and how he labeled the “Fake News media” and enemy of the American people.

Throughout his young presidency, Trump’s actions concerning the First Amendment proved beyond a reasonable doubt that his “Fake News” spiel, along with his narcissism and Constitutional ignorance are a direct threat to our Constitutional rights.

Amazingly, the Trump cult, including cult members working at FOX News, defends the New York liberal’s liberty-killing behavior. Just as amazingly, Trump continues to engage in said behavior.

Following further revelations surrounding the “moron” incident, Trump got in touch with his inner leftist and took his threats against NBC and the media as a whole up a notch:

In addition to being a threat the Constitution, this incident is another classic demonstration of Trump’s ignorance when it comes to government—the FCC doesn’t require networks to have a license, only local TV and radio stations. Of course, there are guidelines on how to handle the broadcast of “hoaxes and false information,” but they don’t apply in Trump’s case because while he may object to certain stories, there is no evidence that those stories are fake or would violate any of the FCC’s standards.

By the way, if you’d like to learn more about how much Trump has in common with Obama, check out this piece from Breitbart. Following one of Trump’s anti-free press tirades back in February, Steve Bannon’s publication documented eleven instances where Obama abused the First Amendment. If you replace the name Obama with Trump and replace FOX News with CNN or NBC, the article could have been about The Donald himself.

In an Obamacare piece I wrote yesterday, I pointed out how Trump and Obama were kindred spirits when it comes to ignoring the Constitution. This threat against NBC and the First Amendment is just another example of that fact.

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