Cult says support Trump because conservatism is dead

Yesterday, I got into a discussion on one of my social media accounts with a Trump supporter (let’s call him John Doe) who disagreed with my article about how Trump’s narcissism and Constitutional ignorance was creating a threat to liberty in America.

While it’s not uncommon for a passenger on the Trump train to disagree with me when I call out the New York liberal for failing to keep a promise, act presidential, or simply do his job, it is unusual to be told I’m wrong because I’m too conservative.

After assuring me that I was more conservative than Trump–a low bar even for me–John Doe stated that The Donald was more conservative than Congress and should be supported because he’s “not Hillary,” another low bar.

Of course, the “not Hillary” mantra has been played to death by Trump supporters of all stripes, including many so-called conservatives in media. So, I pointed this out to Mr. Doe and reminded him that, as a conservative, I will always be a voice for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that I will oppose anyone who stands in the way of that ideal.

Then John Doe gave me one of the most unbelievable reasons I’ve ever heard from a Trump supporter as to why I need to compromise my ideals and defend the indefensible Trump. According to Mr. Doe, “brand” of conservatism is dead and will never return to America meaning that it was time for me to set a new, lower goal of “good enough.”

Of course, we should remember that it was this kind of compromise that put the RINOs in Congress and Trump in the White House to begin with. However, this attitude by Trump supporters isn’t really a surprise, and it’s one of the reasons they are often referred to as members of a cult.

In his latest piece for Conservative Review, Steve Deace points out this obvious fact based on a new Monmouth poll where we learn that “61 percent of those who approve of Trump’s job performance say there is literally NOTHING he could do that would cause them not to support him . . .” Well, I guess it’s true that Trump could murder someone without losing his supporters.

With deference to Mr. Doe, I believe American history–at least the parts that haven’t been destroyed or rewritten–is replete with examples of heroes who experienced victory in the face of overwhelming odds.

But even if he’s right, and conservatism is dead, I would rather fight for conservatism and fail than to do nothing and succeed.

Originally posted at The Strident Conservative.


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