Trump’s Twitter behavior going from worse to "worser"

In an epic Twitter rant yesterday morning, Donald Trump chose whining over winning when he threw the Department of Justice under the proverbial bus for defending his new and improved Travel Ban executive order.

The order in question temporarily banned travel into the United States by refugees from certain countries known for having a direct or indirect support of Islamic Terrorism.

No, I didn’t misspeak. Trump isn’t complaining about how the DOJ is not defending Travel Ban 2.0; his complaint is that they are defending it before the Supreme Court.

The “watered-down” version was signed by Trump after the original Steve Bannon version was shot down for being too broad, which begs the question: if Travel Ban 2.0 is such a bad idea, why did Trump sign the order? I think I can answer that question for you.

Trump doesn’t take a firm position on any issue because he lacks the moral core necessary to defend himself when challenged. Instead, he relies on his inner circle of loyalists who are too afraid to tell the “emperor“—a word used by the Trump cult—is wearing no clothes.

After his devotees tell him what he wants to hear, Trump takes action. If things work out, great. He’ll take the credit. And if things fail, he assigns the blame, taking the heat off himself for making the wrong call.

Trump’s self-inflicted problems with the DOJ go beyond Travel Ban 2.0. As we approach 6 months in office, Trump has only 3 of his appointees working at the DOJ. While there are a handful of appointments awaiting approval in Mitch McConnell’s feckless GOP-controlled Senate, Trump hasn’t even bothered to make numerous other nominations to fill openings within the Justice Department.

Trump also complained in his Twitter rant about the courts—imagine that—yet he has done nothing to fill the 131 judicial vacancies waiting to be filled. In fact, so far, he’s only nominated 10.

Although Trump supporters have expressed concern about his Twitter fixation, Kellyanne Conway came out of hiding over the weekend to defend his damaging behavior. In an appearance yesterday on the TODAY Show, Conway stated that people are simply too obsessed “with covering everything he says on Twitter and very little about what he does as president . . .”

Besides the fact that Twitter is what “he does as president,” I can see where Kellyanne is coming from with her attempt to separate Twitter Trump from President Trump. It was Trump himself, after all, who pointed out that there are two Donald Trumps—the presidential and the non-presidential.

Kellyanne’s defense of Trump’s Twitter-gasms must make for interesting dinner conversation at home. Kellyanne’s husband, George Conway—who was considered for two high-ranking jobs in the Justice Department before he withdrew his name—criticized Trump for using his Twitter account to attack the DOJ.

George Conway’s decision to remove himself from consideration as a candidate for a DOJ job proves that Trump’s erratic behavior is creating an environment where qualified people are choosing to pass on opportunities to work in the White House, an opinion recently expressed by former RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

When asked about Trump’s apparent inability to fill vacancies with qualified candidates, Steele stated that it’s becoming harder because no one wants to “sign up for crazy.” When you consider the multitude of openings waiting to be filled within the administration, Steele could be on to something.

Trump Tweets too much; never owns up to his mistakes; and has been behaving like someone auditioning for a role in a remake of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. So unfortunately, things are likely to go from worse to “worser.”

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