America moves one step closer to Ivanka's global warming agenda

Last week the headlines were dominated by Donald Trump’s self-inflicted crises thanks to the questionable and untimely termination of James Comey.

Things got worse for the King of Chaos when he issued a Twitter threat that he will cancel press briefings due to the fact that the media refuses to repeat his spin–an idea with strong support from former conservatives Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity–and culminated with another threat from Trump against Comey,

Lost in the befuddlement that has become the status quo in the White House, a real crisis is growing at the hand of Daddy’s little precious, Ivanka. While the media focused on the Comey situation, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson signed a global warming agreement that tree-hugging extremists claim affirms the need for international action against so-called climate change.

The document, called the Fairbanks Declaration, was signed by Tillerson and seven foreign ministers from Arctic nations, including Russia. The document says, in part, that these nations signed it “recognizing that activities taking place outside the Arctic region, including activities in Arctic states, are the main contributors to climate change effects and pollution in the Arctic, and underlining the need for action at all levels.”

This obvious embrace of the New World Order approach to addressing the fake science of global warming is bad enough on its own, but to paraphrase the late, great Paul Harvey, wait until you hear the rest of the story. The Fairbanks Declaration also reinforces the Paris Climate Agreement, stating that participants concluded their meeting by “noting the entry into force the Paris agreement on climate change and its implementation…” (emphasis mine).

A few days ago I wrote a piece about how Ivanka is calling the shots on Daddy’s global warming policies, including an active effort to keep America in the Paris Climate Agreement. The signing of the Fairbanks Declaration by Tillerson followed meetings Ivanka held with members of Daddy’s staff to specifically discuss staying in the Paris agreement, and it now lays the groundwork making it possible for The Donald to complete his capitulation on the matter.

Secretary of State Tillerson–a man-made global warming fanatic in his own right who believes the US should stay in the Paris Climate Agreement–all but confirmed the likelihood that Ivanka’s global warming policies will become official White House policy when he refused to directly answer questions regarding Trump’s frequent promise to take America out of the Paris accord.

Do you remember when Ted Cruz praised the circle of Conservative All Stars Trump supposedly surrounded himself with? I wonder whatever happened to those people.

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