Jerry Falwell Jr. defends Trump: Making deals more important than social issues

Despite what the Trump chorus line would have you believe, The Donald didn’t receive more voter support from Evangelicals than Mitt Romney, John McCain, or George W. Bush. In fact, a recent survey by the Barna Group shows that his support was “the lowest level of Evangelical support for a Republican candidate since Bob Dole lost to Bill Clinton in 1996.”

Still, it can’t be denied that there was a disturbing level of support from American religious leaders resembling Nazi Germany religious leaders, and it served to motivate their followers to support the New York Liberal. I call it disturbing due to the brazen way these supposed representatives of the Gospel defended Trump regardless of evidence proving his moral and ethical shortcomings.

This behavior began to pick up steam following the propaganda meeting Trump held in June with over 1000 Evangelical leaders who were more than willing to exchange G-O-D for G-O-P. In the meeting, Mike Huckabee praised the twice-divorced, thrice married, unrepentant, pro-Planned Parenthood, adulterous strip-club owner as a man possessing “family values,” and Ralph Reed declared that Christians who refused to vote for Trump were sinners.

One of the first charlatans to stand for Trump was Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. who would frequently dismiss criticism of the Republican candidate’s moral failings with a reminder about how were electing a president and not a pastor–apparently, morality isn’t a requirement for the presidency in Jerry’s world. Apparently, it’s not a requirement for the president’s cabinet either.

On FOX News Sunday, Falwell defended Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, Putin’s favorite CEO, Rex Tillerson. But it wasn’t the former Exxon CEO’s questionable connections to the Russian leader that prompted J R to come to Trump’s defense, it was Tillerson’s stance on social issues such as the LGBT agenda and abortion. The potential leader of the State Department was a leading advocate in eliminating the rule barring homosexual men from participating in the Boy Scouts, and he’s a major donor to Planned Parenthood.

According to Falwell, Tillerson’s non-Conservative, non-Christian attitude on these issues are irrelevant to serving as the next Secretary of State:

“I don’t think he’ll ever have to weigh in on any of these issues. I think he’s going to be out cutting deals like he did as the CEO of a global enterprise with Exxon.”

Yeah. Who cares about murdering unborn babies and the destruction of morality and Christianity when there’s a deal to be made? I guess the son of a preacher man is unaware of how the State Department, as fellow Trump supporter and President of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins points out, can be used to advance social issues around the world, as we have witnessed under Obama for the last eight years.

By the way, I wonder if Falwell is OK with Tillerson’s positions on Israel and Iran. The former oil executive supports efforts to pressure Israel to cave on the two-state solution, and he’s not too keen on sanctions such as those used against Iran due to the financial impact it has on his oil interests.

But, who cares? As long as there’s a deal to be made, Jerry’s cool with anything Trump does.

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