Are Americans Paying Attention? The Mystery of Happy Democrats!

One of the great mysteries to me so far is the happiness and great expectations of the Dems that they will increase their hold over Congress with approval ratings of what they have done so far at 9%!

It might be even lower given the “bailout” bill this past week!

So, why are the Dems so gleeful and positive that the Republican minority will be booted out???

Are people not paying attention? Do Americans think that because the president is a Republican the Congress must be full of Republicans too?

Possible Answers:

  1. They are completely deluded and over-confident. In reality, their incumbents will be booted out in a “We Need A Change” election.

  2. They are betting that while Congress as a whole is disliked, your local Dem congressman will not be seen as part of the problem, but as one of the sensible 9%, and therefore be re-elected.

  3. The electorate does not know which party controls Congress, and as the Dems have been able to use the media to claim – probably successfully – that their mistakes are “actually” Republican mistakes, the electorate really will eliminate more Republicans. The idea is parallel with the Dem prescription for solving social problems: throw money at it, and when the problem continues and worsens, it is because you have not thrown enough money at it. Congress might have a majority of Dems, but it is not doing well because the majority is not big enough, and because they need Big Brobama in the White House as dictator-messiah.

  4. Election Fatigue: People have tuned out and ignored politics because of overload. When a political ad comes on, they hit mute. This would seem to be not necessarily true, given the ratings for Thursday’s VP Debate. But still could be true for political advertising and news in general: newspaper reading is down.

Concerning Big Brobama and why he leads in the polls:

Possible Answers:

  1. The polls are wrong, as has been discussed here and elsewhere for various reasons (bias, Braldey effect). Allow me to quote myself from earlier this morning on a local Ohio poll:

A mail-in poll by the Columbus Dispatch of over 2,000 “likely voters.” Response rate was 19.5% per cent. What was unclear was the explanation of the “response rate’ : does that mean 200 people returned the randomly mailed ballots, or did over 2,000 people respond to c. 20,000 originally mailed surveys? I suspect the former, but will emphasize, because of incompetent newspaper writing, it is not clear. In either case, the results show Palin losing to Biden on a question of “qualified to become president” 55% to 39%, and that Big Brobama “will bring about the change the country needs” by 10 points over McCain. A curiosity therefore: why does Big Brobama win by only 7 points? Why not in double-digits? The Columbus Dispatch leans Republican.

  1. People have not yet heard or understood the many problems with Big Brobama’s background. See #4 above.

  2. They have heard, but do not care about the stories, or do not believe the stories, or think they are irrelevant, and are charmed by the telegenic nature of the beast.

Feel free to express your theories on Dem ebullience!