Pro-Obama Manipulation Revealed At Intrade

Earlier I commented on the Intrade trend showing Big Brobama trading at near 7 out of 10, and wondered if any manipulation was going on by Big Brobama’s Beneficent Billionaires.


I came across a post by the CEO of Intrade on obvious manipulation during the Palin/Biden debate, manipulation pro-Dem.

I was watching in real-time the trading that was happening on both the McCain and Obama for President markets. As you identified there appears to have been an attempt to manipulate the above markets with a view to causing the “Debate Market” to settle at 100. It did not. Those involved will be contacted by our team and their accounts appropriately flagged on the exchange. Where we identify trading activity that in our opinion is manipulative (or attempts at same) we reserve the right to reverse or void such trades. Thank you again for your post. John Delaney CEO Intrade

See the letter which prompted his response and other comments: