Attention McCain Campaign: FOCUS on PUSHING the TRUTH!

Checking around on things here in Ohio, I see that the Dems have been following Hitler’s dictum that if you push a lie often enough and loudly enough, people will be worn down and start to believe it.

You have not attacked Big Brobama enough and have not attacked in the right way!

We need ads with John McCain facing the camera and giving his straight talk to the voters: the straight talk needs to include the TRUTH about who has catalyzed the mortgage crisis, who was wrong on Iraq, who has been associating with anti-American radicals, who is cowardly and rarely takes a stand by avoiding voting, who will really be improving America with lower taxes and will NOT be increasing hatred among Americans by preaching class warfare about the “rich” as if they are lepers, and why not even throw in questions about Obama’s health because of his chain-smoking?!

NO ADS like this exist right now here in central Ohio: McCain facing the camera and speaking directly.

Where is he?!

We also need John McCain NOT to vote for this abomination of a bailout bill with the bloated pork barrel spending in it: he needs to face the camera and say “NO” to the bill as it is, and to proclaim the Dems are endangering America’s financial future by playing politics with the bill this week and adding useless and even immoral pork barrel sections to it: he should wave it in the air, if he can lift it, and throw it into a trash can.

It is time to anticipate the spin the Dems will give and pre-empt their arguments by turning such statements around against them. (See the above paragraph for an example.)

He needs to attack and attack and attack the Dems for lying and scaring America and for spreading envy and hatred among people.

I invite you to read through RedState essays today where you will find many great ideas to save your campaign.