Further Explorations of Left-Wing Psychology

Readers of my occasional little essays know that I have often used the phrase “Orwellian” to describe Democrat claims, and my nickname for Big Brobama derives from Orwell’s 1984.

The reason for these references is simple: they work.

Democrats and the left-wing have mastered doublethink, the ability to state a lie, know it is a lie, yet believe the opposite simultaneously.

How has this happened? Part of it comes from the onslaught of Nietzschean philosophy, where the will to power is the only thing necessary for success. Traditional morality is for the weak, and Christian morality in particular is for slaves. Join this together with relativist philosophies from France: the mistaken application of Einsteinian relativity to human perception and beliefs, where one point of view has no better aspect on the truth than any other. Truth, therefore, becomes an opinion, a toying with words: everyone’s opinion is valid…

Except some are more valid than others! (See Orwell’s Animal Farm)

So when you get outraged at the duplicity, the smears, the really inventive lies, and wonder how they can do this so baldly, so boldly, it is because the Truth does not exist for them. Power becomes their truth, and the irony is that the philosophy they follow is precisely what led to the ideology they claim to hate the most, Nazism, which, also ironically, is simply the other Janus-face of a philosophy they claim is just fine: Communism, two sides of the same coin, in the way that Stalin and Hitler were equals.

Be prepared especially therefore, if Big Brobama and a Democrat Congress are elected, for restrictions on religion and free speech disguised as tolerance and broad-mindedness and fairness.

Outrage at their lies and doublethinking claims is wasteful: they will not show remorse, because they believe they have the right to manipulate everything for the greater cause of their accession to power.

It is better calmly to expose their plans as socialist, as hostile to the idea of America, as part of a class-warfare ideology that is Communist, envious, small-minded, and unworthy of America.

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