Year 2010: Big Brobama and The Decline of Western Civilization

Big Brobama has completed a world tour of diplomacy in 2009, as promised. He has been greeted by fawning Europeans and Africans and even Egyptians. His meetings with Ahmedinejad and Putin were spun into successes by the international media, since he came back to D.C. with pieces of paper promising disarmament and good behavior.

Taxes have been raised to class-warfare levels, and unemployment is rising, but the latter is blamed on W. and the policies of the previous years, along with evil companies sending jobs to other countries. Laws are passed to restrict companies from doing that, and so many companies re-form subsidiaries overseas and simply leave America, rather than face more regulation and higher taxes.

2010: the economy deteriorates further, and the U.S. has left Iraq prematurely, allowing Iran to make its move. Various eastern provinces of Iraq are seized by Iranian proxies, and Israel will have to decide if it wants to risk nuclear war with Iran, whose missiles can now reach them. Oil soars to $200 + a barrel, further crushing the world economy. Putin and friends begin moving to reassemble the Soviet Empire: the Baltic States are the first to go, then the Ukraine, along with various Central Asian states. Chavez, if still in power in Venezuela, will be further emboldened to spread his influence throughout South America.

The Chinese will seize Taiwan and acquire North Korea as a province “voluntarily,” on its way to annexing the prosperity of South Korea and intimidating Japan and other southeast Asian nations into paying tribute through lop-sided trade agreements.

These disasters will be explained away: first, there will be sanctions, then there will be negotiations, which will say it is, after all, natural for larger countries to spread their influence (except for the U.S.). And it is not the job of the U.S. to police Asia or the Baltic, or any other place, and the Monroe Doctrine is obsolete in the new global-thinking 21st century.

Bicycles will start appearing on American streets in much greater numbers: this will be seen as a positive thing, of course, making gluttonous Americans as thin as their chain-smoking president, Big Brobama. Government-built apartments will start appearing again, because the mortgage mess has been worsened by Democrat legislation, and individual houses cannot be maintained. This again will explained away as progress because it will lead to less stress on the environment and will be called a more efficient way of living, like in France, the model for Big Brobama’s America.

And by the end of 2010, or perhaps a year or two or later, America will be attacked in a worse onslaught than September 11th.

Make no mistake: if Big Brobama and the Democrats are elected, you will see Western Civilization attacked with impunity.

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