Focus, Republicans, Focus on the Economy Claims by Big Brobama!

Focus on countering the claims Big Brobama is and will be making about the crashes on Wall Street!

Big Brobama is already putting out a 2-minute ad full of the usual stereotypes: class warfare agitprop of the most typical kind, blaming W. and the Republicans and greedy businessmen for everything.

History lessons about how the mess can be traced back in part to Clinton’s Jamie Gorelick (q.v.) are nice here at RedState (see my earlier post today about it), but a counter ad is needed immediately: focus on the Lehman Bros. being a top contributor to Big Brobama, along with a list of other Big Business firms supporting the Big Bro!

Focusing on e-mail hackers, nasty comments about lipstick, etc. is a loser: short-term (2-3 weeks) even focusing on the success in Iraq is a loser. I have a sense few people will care about that in the next weeks until things calm down with banks.

If it is a true crisis, it will be over in a few days. If it is a media-hyped crisis, the McCain camp will be playing defense.

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