Thoughts Before The Seventh Anniversary of September Eleventh

Seven years will soon have passed! I was in a classroom when our librarian came to my room and said I needed to turn on the television set: an airplane crashed into the World Trade Center, and, she added ominously, “they think it was NOT an accident.”

No, it was not an accident, because Islamo-Fascists plotted to humiliate America, Weak responses to terrorism from the Democrat administration between 1992 and 2000 emboldened Osama bin-Laden and his terrorists.

That is the truth, unless you hate America. In that case you might believe America attacked itself to start a war against Islam, to seize oil fields and steal Arab wealth, or to scare Americans into voting for the protection of the evil George W. Bush. Such beliefs are not just found in Ankara or Cairo: you can find them in San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston.

The September Eleventh attacks were the screams of an unreformed seventh-century religion unable to handle modern life theologically: to be sure, many Moslems have been able to adjust to modern life, but the fundamentalists who want to turn the clock back to 700 A.D. are positive they have a God-given right to destroy us.

Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, basic freedoms for women, religious tolerance rather than forced conformity: all of these and more were attacked on September Eleventh. The Islamo-Fascists are adamant about abolishing these in their perfect society.

President George W. Bush decided to attack them in Afghanistan, and to attack the next logical place for them to land, a place with weapons of mass destruction and an unpredictable dictator, who had dallied with extremists for his own purposes. Despite the mass media’s opinion and propaganda, the evidence is clear: the weapons existed (a good number smuggled into Syria), and as David Kay, the U.N. inspector, stated, a statement smothered by the media: “Iraq was a far more dangerous place than we suspected.”

If the wars against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan are not quite won yet, they are definitely not lost.

But the American pacifist left-wing, which cannot stand the military, is willing to besmirch the sacrifices made on that heroic day 7 years ago, all in the name of a misguided ideal of peace at any cost. They are willing to believe in conspiracy theories to absolve the Islamo-Fascists. They are willing to believe that America provoked the attacks, because of an illogical attachment to the Jews of Israel. They are willing to believe that the president plotted the attacks to seize Middle Eastern oilfields for his own aggrandizement.

They are willing to believe this without logic and evidence: by quoting each other’s opinions, rather than facts, they reinforce their own paranoia about the imaginary evils committed by America.

And why? The psychology of the modern left-winger is a mixture of hedonism and guilt: pleasure without responsibility, and guilt for enjoying that pleasure, leading to a kind of political masochism where they enjoy being lashed for leading comfortable lives. Punish me please, says the Hollywood left-wing elitist in his mansion, where he writes checks to save the environment or Obama’s campaign, which allows him therefore to retain his consuming, capitalist life-style, while simultaneously hating it.

Such an attitude sneers at the sacrifices made in the last airplane to go down, where passengers tried to attack the terrorists and prevent the White House or the Capitol building from being leveled.

The attitude has led to a presidential campaign now on the level of a nursery school, with the left-wing side yelling “pig” and “stinking fish” at the other, while in a marvelously Orwellian double-thinking fashion claiming not to be saying those words at all.

But America presses onward and upward, like the doomed passengers in that airplane circling above Pennsylvania, ready to become heroes and ignoring the hatred that wants to crash us into the ground.