The Great Reconciler: Sarah Palin Brings Rush Limbaugh and John McCain Closer

I do not usually have the time or opportunity to listen to conservative talk radio, (Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage (?!)etc.) But I do skim through their transcripts on-line, and know that in general they were highly skeptical, disappointed, and perhaps even halfway angry about John McCain being the candidate.

Lately they seem much more enthusiastic about John McCain right now. So what has changed their minds, or at least softened their apathy and skepticism?

Two things seem to have happened: one big one was the “debate” at Saddleback where John McCain clarified a definite conservative attitude on the important issues. Following the transcripts of his shows, I noticed that Mr. Limbaugh in particular liked what he heard then.

However, the choice of Sarah Palin seems to have “sealed the deal.” Rush Limbaugh’s site today is full of very enthusiastic topics about Sarah Palin. (Allow me to emphasize “seems” since the hosts either have not endorsed or do not endorse a candidate.) I think we will be hearing the conservative radio voices being much more enthusiastic now about the prospect of a McCain administration.

Question: how important is their influence ultimately?