Sergeant Bergdahl and thinking the worst of the Obama regime

In view of the past five years of the Obama regime we’ve learned that just when you reach the point where you want to say “they’d never do that” you come up short and admit that they would. For instance, the using the IRS as political Brown Shirts has been passe since Richard Nixon tried it circa 1972. Benghazi: whether or not a rescue was possible the fact that the regime promoted an egregious lie to avoid accountability shows the depths of their moral depravity. The VA scandal seems to have been institutionalized from the top down and it got worse even as funding increased and patient load decreased.

When one looks at this deal concocted to release Bergdahl one is struck by several facts:

1. The regime desperately needs to divert attention from the economy and its own record of misgovernment.

2. It perceived that releasing Bergdahl would bring political benefits:

On May 1st, in a surprise visit to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, President Obama announced that the United States will now pursue “a negotiated peace” with the Taliban. That peace is likely to include a prisoner swap – or a “confidence-building measure,” as U.S. officials working on the negotiations call it – that could finally end the longest war in America’s history. Bowe is the one prisoner the Taliban have to trade. “It could be a huge win if Obama could bring him home,” says a senior administration official familiar with the negotiations. “Especially in an election year, if it’s handled properly.”

Though this is not a presidential election year, there is no doubt that 2014 is an important year to Obama because his life will become much more interesting if the GOP retakes the Senate.

3. The regime violated the law when he released five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo in a prisoner swap.

So far no surprises, right?

What we don’t know are the complete terms of the exchange? Did we pay a ransom? Or did we allow Qatar, the broker in the negotiations, to pay a ransom? Was the ransom cash, non-military, or arms? And was outing the CIA station chief in Kabul part of the deal?

One thing we know is that when it comes to the actions of the Obama regime one can never be sure there is something they won’t to further their own ends.