My Problem With Romney

At this point none of us knows how the GOP primary will play out.

I am a Perry supporter. My second choice was Michele Bachmann until her unhinged descent into Jenny-McCarthyism. Now I don’t have a second choice beyond voting for a man I do not trust. I’m not staying home and if I could pull the lever for McCain while suppressing the gag reflex I can do the same for Romney.

Romney is a superficially attractive candidate who I have no doubt will, if the nominee, beat Obama like a rented mule. My problem with Romney is two-fold.

First, he obviously doesn’t believe in anything more substantial than the idea that he should be president. I don’t have a problem with ambition. Sometimes I wish I had some of it. And I’m not saying ambition can’t carry you to the White House because the incumbent proves it can. My problem is that as far as can be discerned by mere mortals he doesn’t believe in anything. Conversely, he can believe in anything if that is what the situation requires. Right now he is mouthing all the right words but when you look at his record of governance in Massachusetts he was a run-of-the-mill northeaster establishment Republican. Sort of like the his major endorsers at this point.

More to the point, why should I believe that a man who supported the expansion of abortions in Massachusetts will fight against abortion nationally. I don’t particularly care what Romney says about his personal belief on abortion, I am, however, concerned about his public policy record on the subject.

We can go on and on. I understand politicians changing positions but rarely has anyone been as effective a policy chameleon as Mitt Romney.

Is he on our side? A conservative? Or when he goes to the White House will be taking advice from David Brooks and the NYT editorial board. Given his history, I’m guessing the latter. Those are his people and that is the culture he was raised in. He knows nothing about working for a living and clearly doesn’t understand even the basic principles of conservatism. In fact, I’d bet money on it. Does that mean I won’t vote for him? No, it doesn’t. It just means I would be voting for him as an alternative to what we have now.

My second problem is that personnel are policy. When we saw Van Jones (avowed communist) and Anita Hill (Mao admirer) in the White House as policy advisors we didn’t need another clue as to what Obama was. We knew. Romney has attracted a group to his campaign who will lie at the drop of a hat, as a friend of mine says they will lie to you just to stay in practice. His online supporters seem to have one speed: if you don’t like Romney you are a religious bigot. In fact, in sheer idiocy and single-minded idolatry they can give the Ron Paul fans a run for their money. These are the people who will occupy positions in a Romney White House and a Romney Administration. I’m not sure the nation can survive that any more than I’m sure it can survive a second Obama administration.