Jesus Legal Again In Virginia

Virginia state troopers can again refer to Jesus Christ in public prayers. Republican Gov. Robert F. McDonnell late Wednesday lifted a restriction imposed by former Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kane in 2008.

Previously, troopers involved in a volunteer chaplain program had been able to invoke Jesus or otherwise pray according to their respective religions.

But Mr. Kaine restricted them from doing so on the grounds that only nonsectarian prayers should be allowed at official events.

The coordinated media-legal assault waged on Christianity over the past 40 years suffered a tiny setback yesterday when Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell allowed volunteer chaplains of the Virginia State Police to actually mention the name of Jesus Christ in their prayers.

To people other than Unitarians, the idea of a prayer without mentioning the Deity seems to somewhat miss the point of prayer. Had he true objections to prayer rather than the religion of the chaplains, Mr. Kaine should have abolished the practice altogether rather than reducing prayer to a Monty-Pythonesque parody.

Governor McDonnell righted a wrong yesterday and struck a small blow for religious freedom in the process.