On Teaching Lessons

Back in 2006 and again in 2008 we were beset by morons who insisted they had to “teach Republicans a lesson.” That a time in the “wilderness” would make Republicans return to their roots as “real conservatives”.

The imbecility of that notion is legion. It not only ignores the fact that the Republican party is a coalition party with different parts having very different DNA and therefore there are no primordial “roots” for the party to return to, but the most pernicious part of the idea stems from the belief that both parties are the same and following a take-my-ball-and-go-home strategy would only result in some pain being inflicted on the GOP.

As Tony Blankely pointed out nearly four years ago this idea is not only stupid but it is reckless. After last night anyone still laboring under the delusion that there are no fundamental differences between the parties and that voting Republicans out of office because of freakin earmarks only punishes the GOP should seriously consider writing an apologetic note and then spending a few quiet moments, alone, with a large caliber handgun and one round of ammunition. Or maybe two rounds because most of the people I’m writing about are unable to find their butt with both hands so the odds of their marksmanship being flawless are slim.

Incredibly, though, if you read the comments appearing on this site yesterday you find these imbeciles are still spouting the same crap. If you didn’t vote in 2006 or 2008; or if you cast a “protest” vote in those years to “send a message” you have no one but yourself to blame for yesterday.

Yes, indeed, you really taught them a lesson didn’t you?

Freakin morons.