Time to Face the Facts

I know Ace is still running his whip count but it’s time we all faced up to the fact that the socialization of 1/6th of the US GDP is virtually a fait accompli. The House leadership would never have introduced the patently unconstitutional deemage bill if they didn’t have enough votes to pass it.

The fact is that once the Democrat leadership was within 20 votes of passing a bill of this magnitude you could guess with reasonable certainty that they would be able to whip those remaining votes.

The faith that many of my brethren placed in Bart Stupak and the mythical “pro-life” democrats was inspiring in its childlike simplicity. The fact that otherwise astute political observers thought that Democrat representatives would vote with their district’s wishes on an issue of this import to the House leadership and the Administration leaves one wondering if they also believe in leprechauns.

And it just won’t be Democrats.

Even as we speak Joseph Cao (R-LA) is folding like a cheap suit.

No, ladies and gentlemen, on Sunday, Monday at the latest, President Obama will receive a bill that has been certified as passed by both Houses of Congress and he will sign it into law. I’d like nothing better than to eat crow on this account but right now I think we are hosed, hosed royally.

But, in the words of Joe Hill, “don’t mourn, organize.” Nearly two-thirds of the states are now considering laws which would nullify key portions of the health care take over bill. A good start. We can hope that eventually we can gut this monster in court. But the surest path is to take back the Congress, and take it back with members who are sworn to repeal this monstrosity.

It won’t be easy because we are beset with commies on one hand and poltroons on the other. There are actually morons on this list, on RedState. that assert that the Republicans are better off in “the wilderness” than voting for earmarks. That somehow the government’s takeover of the two auto companies and the health care industry is not as bad as voting for a new post office in your home town or a new museum in your state.

No, it will be an uphill struggle but for the good of the republic we had better hope and pray that it gets done.