Joe Biden's Raging Hypocrisy

I have to admit a lot of ambivalence about this post.

One the one hand I feel silly doing this because we all know what is going on. After struggling for four years to ensure an American defeat in Iraq and endeavoring to effect a “slow bleed” of our military, Obama and Biden are now trying to take credit for policy decisions that were in place when they took office and which they pledged to undo. We all know that.

On the other hand, I am offended at the lack of integrity of the ongoing clown conspiracy now governing our nation. We have never in our history had a government that had such a distant relationship with the truth or with a sense of honor, dignity, or propriety. We become complicit in their lies everytime we let their claims pass without rebuttal.

I’ll let America’s Rain Man speak for himself below the fold but more and more evidence indicates that Ann Coulter may be right.