Angela McGlowan, the National Tea Party Convention, and Due Diligence

Angela McGlowan, a FoxNews political analyst and candidate for Congress in MS-01 gave a well received speech at the recent National Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

In an August appearance on The Gallo Show she evinced some fairly exotic opinions on gun ownership. Such as:

“I think the government has the right to know what guns are in the homes ….”

The whole segment is below the fold and you need to listen to it all so you can see that this quote is not a brain fart in the course of an extended interview. The gun commentary starts almost immediately.

On the big picture side, both McGlowan and Joe Farah shared the stage at the National Tea Party Convention. McGlowan gave this extended interview back in August. Farah is a well known commodity. One has to question the degree of due diligence performed by the organizers of the Convention and how the high profile presence of either McGlowan or Farah moved the cause of conservatism forward.