@Demonsheep Is A Winner

If you haven’t met Californian Senate candidate Carly Fiorina’s “demon sheep” attack (the hilarity can be followed on Twitter @demonsheep) on rival Tom Campbell, take a few minutes to view the film and then take this simple quiz.

The key message to this ad is:

1. Don’t use PCP and make political ads.
2. Gee I didn’t see a message.
3. The Fiorina campaign is run by a bunch of tools.
4. Tom Campbell is more likely to spend your money than Fiorina.

My personal seletion was 1. but the correct answer is 3. If you have a doubt please savor the email Leon Wolf shared with the rest of us Subject: Thanks, Tom!

From: Liz Mair
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2010 18:23:44 -0500
To: Liz Mair
Subject: Thanks, Tom!


As demon sheep-mania continues, this is just a quick note to let you all know how grateful we are to Tom Campbell for highlighting our ad, and thereby his own record of backing big spending, big government and big tax hikes, without even a nominal attempt to claim we’re fibbing.

Thanks, Tom!

Happy Friday in advance,

Liz (on behalf of Team Carly)

Let’s be serious. The demon sheep ad is undoubtedly the most bizarre ad to come down the pike that didn’t involve someone’s genitalia and butterscotch pudding. The idea that anyone is going to watch this ad and take away from it a real aversion to Tom Campbells fiscal record (or at least enough to make Fiornia’s rather exotic positions seem more appealing) is nonsense. This is on par with Bob Schrum calling the Swiftboat guys and thanking them for pointing out that John Kerry served in Vietnam.

I’ve had my differences with Liz but I’ve always regarded her as both a smart and serious person. So here’s my assessment and advice. The video was an own goal of the first magnitude. You’ve had your butt handed to you and now you’re compounding the error by drawing additional attention to the ad and insulting our intelligence by telling us it was successful.



My sides ache and I can barely breathe.