Nancy Pelosi Is Bats

If there was ever any doubt that Nancy Pelosi is officially America’s Crazy Aunt, that doubt was eradicated today. In her weekly press briefing some sycophantic reporter lobbed the set up question that seems to be part of the White House’s “hit back” strategy (to make this less ralph-inducing I’d suggest you read it aloud and insert the appropriate lip smacking and slurping noises):

Madam Speaker, in terms of the political tone, the tone of the debate, Hoyer said earlier this week he thought it was the most vitriolic since ’93-’94. And around that time we also saw acts of domestic violence, domestic terrorism. How concerned are you about the tone of the political debate, in terms of people talking about anti-government rhetoric and so on and the possibility of violence?

To which she responded:

Well, I think we all have to take responsibility for our actions and our words. We are a free country, and this balance between freedom and safety is one that we have to carefully balance.

I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this, myself, in the late ’70s in San Francisco. This kind of rhetoric was very frightening, and it created a climate in which violence took place.

So I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made, so that understanding that some of the people — the ears that it is falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statement might assume.

But, again, our country is great because people can say what they think and they believe. But I also think that they have to take responsibility for any incitement that they may cause.

After noting, that based on the question it would seem that Steny Hoyer’s grasp on reality is fairly tenuous also, one can’t help but observe that 1) this certainly wasn’t the set of rules Pelosi was playing by in 2001-2008 when, by this standard, she actively encouraged the vandalization of ROTC and recruiting offices and the killing of American soldiers in Iraq, 2) there are laws against inciting violence and if she thinks these are being broken she should have the courage to point out the instances, and 3) her interpretation of the entire Moscone-Milk-White episode in San Francisco is just deranged.

Were Pelosi, or for that matter Hoyer, possessed of something that even vaguely resembled a sense of shame they would be locked in a cheap motel room right now with a cellophane bag, a roll of duct tape and a bottle of Muscatel. That the Speaker of the House can equate disagreeing with the horrendous policies of the Democrat party with an incitement to violence only indicates the moral degeneracy of the leadership of that party.