Does Nancy Pelosi Have Another Truthiness Problem?

I want to call your attention to the excuse given by the central figure in Prevarigate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for avoiding answering questions about her involvement in approving Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and then trying to lie her way out of the situation.

One source said Pelosi (D-Calif.) will be attending her granddaughter’s first communion in Phoenix on Sunday.

Is that true? Ordinarily, one wouldn’t question something this mundane but for the fact that 1) Pelosi has repeatedly used the Catholic Church as her shield in political arguments, 2) Pelosi’s truthiness problem demands that every statement she utters be fact checked,  3) May 9 is the typical date for First Communion this year and the RC parishes in the Phoenix diocese which have online calendars all show First Communion on May 9, and 4) traditionally we Catholics hold First Communion on Saturday . Now, I’d hate to think that Nancy Pelosi would use the equivalent of “the dog ate my homework” to avoid accountablility but I’m also reluctant to call bull**** on this without verification.

This is the challenge. Which Roman Catholic parishes in the Diocese of Phoenix or the Diocese of Tucson is holding First Communion tomorrow? Can someone get a photo of Nancy Pelosi attending it?