Chas Freeman Withdraws

Barack Obama’s first choice to head the National Intelligence Council has withdrawn his name for consideration. We can be thankful for his doing so.

Freeman is a member of that school of diplomacy that sees the United States as being the root of a lot of the evil in the world. He’s referred to by the Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair as a “briliant, iconoclastic analyst.” You and I would call him barking mad.

According to Freeman, Tibet isn’t struggling for independence they’re having a “race riot.” And naturally “Israeli violence against Palestinians” is a key barrier to Mideast peace. I searched for the quote about Palestinian violence having something to do with the mess to no avail.

You’re going to hear a lot of hooey about how the “Jewish lobby” scuttled an utter savant of diplomacy because of their slavish subservience to Israel and Israel’s interests. Don’t believe it. Chas Freeman is withdrawing because he, to the untrained observer, appears to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saudi government.

In an administration that hires a guy to oversee the IRS who has blatantly filed false tax returns there is nothing particularly unusual about having a foreign agent play with our intelligence secrets. The vetting process being what it is, we really should be thankful that some noticed. But Freeman’s ties with the Saudis goes deeper than being awash in their cash.

His Middle East Policy Council has, according to Freeman,

What does the Middle East Policy Council do? We do three things. We raise politically incorrect questions for public discussion. We tend to be well ahead of the curve on raising issues. We publish views that don’t find a voice elsewhere in Middle East policy, the most often-cited journal in the field. And an edited transcript of this session will appear as the lead item in the next issue of Middle East policy.

And finally, invisible in Washington, but perhaps most significantly, we train high school teachers throughout the country – trained about 18,000 – how to teach about Arab civilization and Islam.

This crap and his Ward Churchill-esque blaming of 9-11 on US support of a democracy in the Middle East are simply part and parcel of the opinion of a random sample of Foreign Service Officers. What sets Freeman apart is that he either willfully or in a truly patsy-like fashion cooperated with the Saudis in creating propaganda concerning the motivations of Saudi jihadis and then purveying the story to the US Congress.

This is the story. That Saudi jihadis were being recruited on the pretext of attacking Israel and then through a clever use of the old bait-n-switch were sent off to kill Americans.

In fact, while moderating a panel at the Dirksen Senate Office Building which asked the rhetorical question Saudi Arabia: Enemy or Friend? he makes this statement:

MR. FREEMAN: Hussein, thank you again for reminding us that the heart of the poison is the Israel-Palestinian conundrum. When I was in Saudi Arabia — I didn’t actually see it, but I was told by Saudi friends who did, that on Saudi TV there were three of the terrorists who came out and spoke, and essentially the story they told was that they had been recruited to fight for the Palestinians against the Israelis, but once in the training camp, their trainers gradually shifted their focus away from the Israelis to the monarchy in Saudi Arabia and to the United States. So the recruitment of terrorists has a great deal to do with the animus that arises from that continuing and worsening situation.

A statement which Martin Kramer dissects and shows to be false.

The fact that Freeman advanced this far without someone in the background investigations arenas blowing the whistle is terrifying. The idea that this man would be overseeing the production of National Intelligence Estimates is simply beyond comprehension.