He's Off to a Great Start

One of The One’s first acts was signing an  Executive Order which is supposed to close down the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Other than Jack Murtha’s offer to move them all to his district, there seems to be no plan to deal with the dangerous prisoners. Apparently sending them home is out of the question for reasons I’m not terribly clear on. Off course, some feckless Euro can always be prevailed upon to take in a terrorist or ten.

What is pretty obvious is that we can’t have a catch and release program. Two men we released since Robert Gates began his I’m-Not-Rumsfeld toadying offensive have now returned to leadership positions in al Qaeda. At least 61 have returned to combat.

If we ever had any question about what is more important, the safety of American citizens and soldiers or paying off campaign debts to Code Pink an MoveOn.org, that question has been answered.