Joe Biden: Foreign Policy Savant

Other than comedic relief the only possible reason Barack Obama could have for choosing Joe Biden as his running mate (other than the obvious which is to reassure the political center that he will have a babysitter should he be elected president) is his alleged foreign policy expertise.

Biden has a long track record in foreign policy that we will explore in the coming days.


  • Joe Biden was in favor of the Nuclear Freeze movement of which large parts were subsidized by the KGB.
    • Joe Biden was in favor of sustaining the communist dictatorship in Nicaragua and against supporting a nascent democracy in El Salvador.
    • Joe Biden was against the development and deployment of MX and Trident ICBMs.
    • Joe Biden voted against the use of force to force Iraq to leave Kuwait in 1990.
    • Joe Biden was, and as far as I know still, in favor of breaking up Iraq into unsustainable ethnic ghettos and leaving.

Glib and verbose does not equal intelligent or insightful.

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