Senator Obama's Family Values or Charity Begins At Home

Obama's BrotherFirst Brothers. Gotta love ’em. My gosh, who can forget Billy Carter, amateur brewmeister and registered agent of Muammar Khaddafi. Or the exploits of the uber-talented Roger Clinton. And the Rodham brothers. You’d have to look far and wide to find a more egregious pair of asshats (though heaven forbid one of them may be flirting with a McCain endorsement.)

In the past, though, the presence of non-traditional family members has brought trouble on presidents and presidential candidates through their actions. Now we have an instance of the mere presence of a sibling causing problems. His name is George Hussein Onyango Obama. He was discovered, so to speak, by the Italian edition of Vanity Fair.

The Italian edition of Vanity Fair said that it had found George Hussein Onyango Obama living in a hut in a ramshackle town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi.

Mr Obama, 26, the youngest of the presidential candidate’s half-brothers, spoke for the first time about his life, which could not be more different than that of the Democratic contender.

“No-one knows who I am,” he told the magazine, before claiming: “I live here on less than a dollar a month.”

The Mr. Obama who still lives in Kenya is apparently a half-brother by way of a polygamous marriage (not that there is anything wrong with that) of the father of Senator Obama. From what we’ve learned of Mr Obama Senior there is reason to expect that are probably more Mr. Obama’s living in Kenya (yes, yes, we know all culture are equal and we have our own sad history of racism and oppression) who are similarly related to the erstwhile Democrat presidential candidate.

There’s not much Senator Obama can do about the bad hand dealt his half-brother (other than sponsor him for a green card which doesn’t seem to have happened) but one has to question the morality of earning several million dollars each year and leaving siblings in poverty. One really has to question it when Senator Obama has as a campaign goal:

Fight Global Poverty: Obama will embrace the Millennium Development Goal of cutting extreme poverty around the world in half by 2015, and he will double our foreign assistance to $50 billion to achieve that goal. He will help the world’s weakest states to build healthy and educated communities, reduce poverty [ed note, this is oddly appropriate}, develop markets, and generate wealth[ed note: this seems appropo, too].

It would seem to most of us that Senator Obama could eradicate at least one instance of extreme poverty without costing you and me $50 billion of our hard earned cash. (David Hinz has previously reported on the disturbing propensity of Senator Obama to do nothing.),

This willingness to spend other people’s money while doing jackcrap personally appears to be endemic in the Democrat party. Take, for instance, the antics of the DNC in Denver.

It seems to be a first — don’t move the homeless, clean them up. That was the work of one salon and the recipients didn’t even seem to care if the Democrats were coming to town. Sly’s Salon at 17th and Grant was offering free haircuts to the homeless Monday.

“To give them haircuts and make them all spiffed up for the Democratic National Convention, because they are part of our community as well,” said Ghandia Gohnson, co-owner of Sly’s Salon.

In honor of Senator Obama’s devotion to his extended family and the DNC’s efforts to remove the homeless from unsightliness if not from sight altogether, we’ve created this little item in commemoration:

My brother is running for president and all I got was this lousy coupon for a haircut

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