Steve Cohen and the KKK?

We’ve had a couple of front page posts on the particularly vile and nasty Democrat primary fight going on in TN-9 between incumbent Steve Cohen and challenger Nikki Tinker for what is essentially the general election, too.

I don’t have much use for Cohen. And neither does Nikki Tinker. But for different reasons. You see, I don’t have any use for Cohen because he’s just another liberal/socialist. Nikki Tinker has no use for him because he’s a white guy. And Jewish. And representing one of the balkanized “minority majority” districts that the Department of Justice seems to think are just wonderful ideas. This particular district used to be the private fiefdom of the Ford family. No, not Henry.

From WSMV-TV (NBC-4, Nashville):

Rep. Steve Cohen, a white congressman from a mostly black district, is linked to images of the Ku Klux Klan in a TV ad for his top African-American opponent in Thursday’s Democratic primary.

The ad for challenger Nikki Tinker juxtaposes pictures of Cohen, a statue of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and a hooded Klansman while asking, “Who is the real Steve Cohen?”

I suppose this is a sign of how the South has changed. I’m old enough to remember when a Jewish guy could no more get into the Klan than get into a country club.