Barack Obama Is Very Flexible

One of the critiques that has been relentlessly attached to President Bush is that he’s inflexible. If Barack Obama is elected president no one need have that worry. Barack Obama is the epitome of flexibility. Even his nuances are nuanced. He is so nuanced and flexible (or disingenuous, dishonest, and evasive depending upon your outlook) that he inspired me to steal my subhead, verbatim, from this story in today’s Washington Post.

Sen. Barack Obama called Monday for using oil from the nation’s strategic reserves to lower gasoline prices, the second time in less than a week that he has modified a position on energy issues, as he and Sen. John McCain seek to find solutions to a topic that is increasingly dominating the presidential race.

In a speech here, Obama outlined a plan to reduce an addiction to foreign oil that he said is “one of the most dangerous and urgent threats this nation has ever faced.” He repeated his call for a $1,000 “energy rebate” for low- and middle-income families that would be paid for by a windfall-profits tax on oil companies.

The Obama campaign did not predict how much releasing reserves would lower gas prices. But it said prices at the pump went down more than 19 percent within two weeks when President Bill Clinton made such a move in 2000.