Thank You Google for Protecting Us

UPDATE: And were’t not alone. Glenn Reynold’s wife has had her Blogspot blog locked.

Some of you probably know that I live in Maryland. I’m the proprietor of the group blog RedMaryland which fights a daily rearguard action against the forces of corruption and socialism in the UnFree State.

Imagine my surprise to get a notification from Google that I’m running a spam blog and my blog has been locked.

RedMaryland Screen Capture

We aren’t at a loss for suspects on how this came about. And we’re fairly confident that we’ll have the problem solved when Google decides it is convenient to do so.

One of the unfortunate facts of life on the internet is that Google is a law unto itself. The corollary to this law is that Google is a hotbed of slobbering lefties as Chinese dissidents and anyone who’s tried to post an anti-Obama YouTube clip can tell you. As this incident shows you don’t have to violate terms of service for them to screw with you, all you have to do is… is…. use their service.